Art Requirements & Design Offerings

Understanding and using the proper art files may seem confusing at first, but it assures that the final print will be clean and accurate.

There are two types of art (graphic) file types. Raster format & Vector format.

• Raster files usually are in .JPEG, .TIFF, .PSD (Photoshop) formats. These formats are similar to photos. They consist of pixels (tiny squares of shades of grey and colors) and are limited to the resolution or dpi (dots Per Inch) of the original created file.

JPEG files are created to use on the web. They are a low resolution file (72dpi) that is not fit to print. Enlarging a low dpi file results in a blurred or jaggy appearance.


High resolution TIFF & PSD files can work, but they need to be set to 300dpi or higher. If a client brings us a Raster art file, it needs to be sized to the desired print size on the apparel. Again, at 300dpi or higher.

• Vector files are typically in AI, .EPS, & .PDF formats and are created in vector drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator, CoralDraw & Freehand. They are used in the high-end printing industry. They consist of vector paths and curves (known as bézier curves). They are not resolution dependent like Raster files are. Vector files can be enlarged or shrunken to any size and still produce a clean piece of art.


AGS Printwear prefers to use Vector files due to their ability to be enlarged without losing any of the quality and detail. We would be happy to assist you with preparing your file to meet the desired output.

If you have any questions we would be happy to help assist you with your file preparations.

• Graphic Design
Have an idea for a T-shirt, but need help creating the art? We have an award winning graphic design team that can help put your ideas in to art. From simple text to detailed graphics we will work with you to get the finished product to look just as you envisioned.
Call us with your idea for a design and we will work with you to get it ready for printing.

Our design fees start at $35.00 per hour depending on the complexity of the art.

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